Salt Tours


Adam Henson joined us for the Droitwich Salt and Churchfields Farm Tour - Experience what he did and book today!


Let us take you on a journey…

Enjoy learning about 100 years of Churchfields Farm, the History of Droitwich Salt and it’s relaunch as a 20th Century business.

Droitwich Salt heritage

You will see how the working dairy farm has diversified to become a renewable energy enterprise and artisan saltworks.

Enjoy an up-close guided tour of the salt production, where we will show how we take the pure, brine spring water from a liquid to a beautiful crystal. All done by using only the sun and renewable energy. Droitwich Salt won an international award in 1855 and the original label said “This salt is justly celebrated for its great purity being manufactured from the oldest and purest Brine springs in the world”. Today Droitwich salt has won a Great Taste award, 3 Golds and a Silver at Ludlow Food Festival all within the last twelve months!

Churchfields Saltworks polytunnels crystallise to pure salt using renewable energy