I’m interested in the history of brine and salt in Droitwich Spa, can I learn more?

We launched our Salt Tours in February this year for exactly that purpose. Join us to learn about the history of the brine salt, Droitwich Salt Co. closing down, then the founding of Churchfields Saltworks in 2017. We’ll also let you have a look inside the crystallisation polytunnel.

How can I buy Droitwich Salt?

You can order online, or buy at Churchfields Barn Cafe or one of our local and national stockists. If you'd like to see Droitwich Salt in your area or are interested in becoming one of our stockists, please get in touch.

How do I order wholesale?

Please contact sales@droitwichsalt.com for more information and discounted prices for wholesale orders.

I live outside the UK. Can I buy Droitwich Salt?

Please contact sales@droitwichsalt.com for an international shipping quotation.

What is your shipping policy?

Our shipping has a flat rate of £2.50 for any orders under 2kg. For larger orders, shipping is £5 per 2kg box.

Can I order different sizes of Droitwich Salt?

Yes, we have three grades we offer for wholesale orders: grinding salt (coarse), medium, or fine. If you have more specific requirements, just get in touch.

Any other questions?

Please contact info@droitwichsalt.com or use our contact form.