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“Having both grown up in Droitwich, we are immensely proud to be part of a product revival with such local and international importance. While we are a family farming business located in the Heart of England our vision is to become a major player in the wider UK gourmet salt market and firmly position Droitwich Salt as a delicious natural alternative”
Will & Gillian Kerton


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Pure Heritage




These Brine Springs have naturally existed beneath Droitwich Spa for millions of years.

It was an internationally valuable resource in Roman, Anglo Saxon and Norman Times and King John granted the town a Royal Charter in 1215 based on the importance of its brine.

Droitwich Spa was subsequently one of the most prosperous towns in Medieval Times right through to the 20th Century. In the mid 19th Century Droitwich Salt won international recognition and as stated on the historic label* was awarded a ‘Premier Class No 41’ designation.

Today, we are once again using this unique resource to make one of the purest, natural brine spring salts in the world.





*Historic Salt Label from the 19th Century- the statements on this label are statements of Droitwich Salt Co Ltd and not Churchfields Saltworks.